• The power of Hydraulic Pilverizer shear
    Post time: Jun-19-2021

    Hydraulic Pilverizer shear are installed on the excavator, powered by the excavator, so that the movable jaw and the fixed jaw of the hydraulic crushing tongs are combined together to achieve the effect of crushing concrete, and the steel bars in the ...Read more »

  • Comparison of quick hitch and no quick hitch coupler
    Post time: Jun-11-2021

    The quick hitch coupler of the excavator, also known as the quick-change joint, is installed at the front end of the excavator’s working device. It can realize various excavator attachments such as buckets, breakers, rippers, hydraulics without manually disassembling the pins. The replacem...Read more »

  • The importance of hydraulic oil to hydraulic breakers
    Post time: Jun-10-2021

    The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure oil provided by the pumping station of the excavator or loader. It can more effectively clean the floating stones and the soil in the cracks of the rock in the role of excavating the foundation of the building. Today I will give you a brie...Read more »

  • One excavator for multiple uses
    Post time: Jun-05-2021

    Is your excavator only used for digging, a variety of different attachments can improve the function of the excavator, let’s take a look at which attachments are available! 1. quick hitch quick hitch for excavators are also called quick-change connectors and quick co...Read more »

  • Post time: May-31-2021

    Recently, mini excavators are very popular. Mini excavators generally refer to excavators with a weight of less than 4 tons. They are small in size and can be used in elevators. They are often used for breaking indoor floors or dismantling walls. How to use the hydraulic breaker installed on the...Read more »

  • 2021 Yantai Jiwei’s team spirit and company culture
    Post time: May-31-2021

    In order to relax the body and mind of all the employees of Jiwei, Yantai Jiwei specially organized this team building activity, and set up a number of fun group projects with the theme of “Go Together, Same Dream”-first of all, the promotion of “Climbing the Mountain, Checking ...Read more »

  • What is the cause of abnormal vibration of hydraulic breaker?
    Post time: May-22-2021

          We often hear our operators joking that they feel trembling all the time during operation, and feel that the whole person is going to shake apart. Although it is a joke, it also exposes the problem of abnormal vibration of the hydraulic breaker sometimes. , Then what is causing this, let me...Read more »

  • How does the hydraulic breaker work?
    Post time: May-21-2021

          With the hydrostatic pressure as the power, the piston is driven to reciprocate, and the piston strikes the drill rod at high speed during the stroke, and the drill rod crushes solids such as ore and concrete.    Advantages of hydraulic breaker over other tools 1. More options available   ...Read more »

  • How to replace and maintain hydraulic breaker?
    Post time: May-17-2021

    In the process of replacing the hydraulic breaker and bucket, because the hydraulic pipeline is easily contaminated, it should be disassembled and installed according to the following methods. 1. Move the excavator to a plain site free of mud, dust and debris,...Read more »

  • What is Hydraulic Breaker and How Does It Work?
    Post time: May-17-2021

    一、Definition of hydraulic breaker Hydraulic breaker, also known as hydraulic hammer, is a kind of hydraulic mechanical equipment, usually used in mining, crushing, metallurgy, road construction, old city reconstruction, etc. Due to the powerful breaking energ...Read more »

  • Increasing Profitability With A Hydraulic Breaker | Hammer
    Post time: Apr-30-2021

    If you are in the machinery industry and want to develop more business and get more profits, you can start from the following three aspects: reduce labor costs, shorten working hours, and reduce equipment replacement and maintenance rates. These three aspects can all be achieved with one tool, th...Read more »

  • Have you done a few wrong operation of hydraulic breaker?
    Post time: Apr-23-2021

    Hydraulic breakers are mainly used in mining, crushing, secondary crushing, metallurgy, road engineering, old buildings, etc. The correct use of hydraulic breakers can greatly improve work efficiency. Wrong use not only fails to exert the full power of hydraulic breakers, but also Greatly damages...Read more »

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