• Failure of hydraulic seals and routine maintenance
    Post time: Dec-03-2021

    seal is a basic component commonly used in sealing devices. It plays an irreplaceable role in solving the problems of leakage and sealing in the production process. It also promotes technological progress and effectively prevents and alleviates environmental pollution. A...Read more »

  • HMB Cool Black Product Packaging Special
    Post time: Nov-28-2021

    Today is the HMB Cool Black product special. The color supports customization. HMB has a professional and mature technical team that can realize all your ideas. Not only is it strong, but also looks beautiful. HMB always pursues excellence. HMB680 top ...Read more »

  • Lively packing site of hydraulic hammer and bucket
    Post time: Nov-23-2021

    HMB350 box type hydraulic breaker suitable for 0.6-1 t excavator If you need a small breaker, HMB 350 hydraulic hammer is undoubtedly the best choice.HMB has full series model hydraulic breaker to match 0.5-120 ton excavator. HMB also produces all kinds of buckets, as long as you have needs, we ...Read more »

  • HMB1400 boxtype top type hydraulic breaker suitable for 20-30 t excavator
    Post time: Nov-13-2021

    HMB1400 boxtype top type hydraulic breaker suitable for 20-30 t excavator HMB not only sells hammers, but also hopes that every customer has a hydraulic breaker of excellent quality!HMB has full series model hydraulic breaker to match 0.5-120 ton excavator. ...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-08-2021

    look at the busy workshop. The workshop now packs top type HMB1400 hydraulic rock breaker /side type hydraulic hammer ,Guess how many hydraulic breakers are in the video?, HMB1400 hydraulic breaker suitable for 20-30 ton excavator, chisel 140mm. HMB never disappoints customers who choose us.HMB ...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-02-2021

    On October 28, 2021, the Qilu Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce came to our factory for on-site inspection. High-quality quality, strong strength, good reputation, and bright industry development prospects are important reasons for attracting this visit. The company’s President Zhai paid a v...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-26-2021

    HMB’s star Products HMB680,HMB1400,look at the busy workshop. The workshop now packs HMB 680 hydraulic rock breaker,HMB1400 hydraulic rock breaker ,Guess how many hydraulic breakers are in the video?HMB680 hydraulic breaker suitable for 3-7 ton excavator, chisel 68mm, HMB1400 hydraulic brea...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-18-2021

    Yantai Jiwei has the ability to purchase cost-effective raw materials from reliable suppliers,12 years of industry experience, solid technology, keen market awareness, and the ability to provide every customer with the products they need. Quality is the first choice, and the continuous orders pla...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-09-2021

    In order to maintain a hydraulic breaker, inspection work is indispensable First check whether the hydraulic oil is within the range of the normal scale line; Then check whether the bolts, nuts and other parts of hydraulic hammer are loose. If they are loose, they should.Tighten with tools from ...Read more »

  • How to improve the crushing efficiency of hydraulic pulverizer
    Post time: Sep-28-2021

      The installation of the hydraulic pulverizer: 1. Connect the pin hole of the hydraulic crusher with the pin hole of the front end of the excavator; 2. Connect the pipeline on the excavator with the hydraulic pulverizer;  3. After installation,start working.   application:    The mechanic...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-17-2021

    Excavator hydraulic earth auger is a kind of construction machinery for efficient drilling operations. It is easy to install and has complete models. It is suitable for installation on large, medium and small excavators and loaders. It...Read more »

  • How to choose a high-quality excavator grapple?
    Post time: Sep-11-2021

    contents 1.What is an excavator wood grapple ? 2. The main features of the wood grapple? , 3.What are the main applications of the wood grapple ? 4.How to install the excavator grab 5. there are some precautions to be aware of when using the wood grapple .Final tho...Read more »

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